The last prank so far.

Sandra Dee is a terribly good sport so of course our pranks escalate appropriately.  Of course we still play by the rule of no property damage.  I enlisted the help of my dear husband because this time we decided to Saran wrap her car.  I needed his assistance in procuring what we needed to wrap her car.  Of course he was more than willing to help.  With supplies safely stashed in my car, Ruby by my side and Inez prepared to run interference we made our preparations.

One other thing to know about Sandra Dee is that she typically receives a lot of phone calls while she is at retreat.  Usually they are from her children, but not always.  This retreat was no different as she got lots of calls and would wander outside to talk.  This did not fit in well for our plans because we wanted to be outside wrapping her car.

Sometimes at retreats we find cats and being quilters we’re kind of soft-hearted too so we feed them and if there are kittens we play with them and leave out a shoebox with fabric and batting scraps so they can make a warm bed to sleep in.  Sometimes the nights get a bit cold, especially since we are there in March in October.

At this retreat there were kittens which helped Inez disguise what we were doing outside (don’t worry about them, they are out checking on/playing with/feeding the kittens).  We just couldn’t leave those kittens alone.  Since it was October, the nights were pretty chilly and we opted to work in shifts outside.  We would go out for a bit, not at the same time, one heading to the “bathroom” and then the other would join us which meant that we couldn’t bundle up in our coats and gloves.  After about our third session of being outside, Inez lost track of Sandra Dee.  We kept an eye on the door (since her car was parked close to it) and saw her heading for the door with her phone (of course it would be with her phone).  When we saw her coming, Ruby and I ducked behind her mini-van.  We were hoping that since it was dark she would just talk on the phone, not notice anything, and go back inside.  We were not so lucky.

I should mention here that Ruby has not had much experience with someone’s house.  I really don’t either, but usually if you are about to be busted you flee the scene.  Sandra Dee came out the door and the first thing she saw was her mini-van.  I believe her words were, “Oh. My. God.  I’m going to have to call you back they have Saran wrapped my car”.  At that point, I took off running.  I thought Ruby was with me, but she wasn’t.  She scooted over behind the next car and stayed there.  Then she turned around and saw me half way to the railroad tracks.  I’m sure she was wondering where I was going, after all we are in the middle of nowhere and none of us are teenagers in danger of a phone call to our parents.  Sandra Dee was in tears of laughter and she and Ruby weren’t sure which was funnier, the prank or my running.  I did learn one thing, if I’m working on a super secret mission where I being caught is not an option I should not take Ruby with me.

Once Sandra Dee knew what was going on, the rest of the retreaters got out their cameras and took pictures of her mini-van that night and again in the morning.  I think they started bringing their cameras because they weren’t sure what was going to happen next and they didn’t want to miss anything.

I think I have some pictures of that, but unfortunately I’m missing the power cord for my external hard drive where they are hiding.  This is a real shame because there are pictures on there from other retreats and from the first time we went to see Blanche and believe me, that is a fun story.  Well, it was much funnier after than it was during.  So, when I locate that power cord and can find pictures of her mini-van I will update this post to share with all of you.


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