Has Moby been found?

I thought about updating the previous post, but thought that could make it a bit lengthy and so we have a fresh post instead.

When I began the hunt this time around I thought I would call my mother to see if she had or if grandma had a featherweight stashed in a closet somewhere.  I mean, you never know, right?  Well, the answer to that was no. She reminded me of the treadle she has, but that’s not really what I am looking for right now.  She did happen to be at bingo so I cut the call short so she wouldn’t miss any numbers.

I should let you know that while my mother is a nice lady, sometimes she says things that are funny. For example, I’m going over to the Wal-Marts.  Hmmm, and how many is that?  What?  How many Wal-Marts?  She doesn’t think that is so funny.  It was funnier when she asked if I had tried the new capuchio drinks from Starbucks (or whoever else was making the cappuccino drinks that you could buy in a 4-pack at the grocery store).  Capuchio?  I suppose that we should not confuse that with the Capuchin monkey which I don’t think is something you can buy in a bottle to drink.  I’m not going to run a search to make sure though.  I still laugh about the capuchio.

While we were on the phone I did use the term featherweight.  However, she managed to transform featherweight into feather-light.  This week she went to some kind of euchre party or tournament and asked all the quilter ladies she knows (which I think numbers at two) if they know where she could buy a feather-light.  One of the quilter friends wondered if she meant some kind of a light for the sewing machine.  The other quilter friend said that yes, she does and that she is willing to part with it.  She was very excited to have found one for me and wondered if I wanted it.  I did ask if it was white.  She didn’t know but her quilter friend says that it is in working order.  I figure beggars can’t be choosers and that the price was good so we should go for it.  My mother also informed me that this quilter friend has SIX!!! sewing machines.  No mom, that doesn’t surprise me and no mom I doubt that all of them are feather-lights.

Isn’t that exciting?  Well it is for me.  And it makes Sandra Dee a little bit jealous because now she wants one too.  In fact she had the opportunity to buy one at Goodwill for a whopping $8 and change AND it had a featherweight table with it.  The only thing she can figure is that her brain wasn’t turned on that day as she didn’t grab it and dance her happy dance to the checkout.  Instead another retreater spied it and purchased it at quite a steal of a price.  Especially since it had the table.

The deal for my potential Moby isn’t complete.  When it is and I have the little darling in my hands I will certainly be posting pictures.  And if she is not a white one, we may have to find her a different name.  But keep your eyes open for Sandra Dee.


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