Time for a public service announcement

If you are a quilter or know quilters, you know that for the most part they are fairly generous folks. Most of us participate in some charitable activity or another or perhaps more than one.  Our guilds have a Charity chairperson who directs the making of charitable items and helps with contacts for where the charitable projects should go.  Recently at our monthly fabric lunch we had a discussion about The State of Things. Primarily that there are families living in their cars and that one of the local hospitals is running short on comfort caps for their cancer patients.  I know those are two totally different issues, but this is what we talked about.

The first makes us very sad and a discussion ensued about making quillows (free pattern here) or perhaps pillow cases with drawstrings so they can be used for carrying items easier.  I know it’s not much, but we are of the opinion that every little bit helps.  Our conversation then turned to how we would reach those families (because it is the children who tug at our heartstrings) because if they are living in their car they may not be checking in at the shelters.  However, we do have to start somewhere and shelters and the Salvation Army seem to be the best place for us to start.  There is always a need for more.  You may be thinking what’s the big deal about quillows.  Well, its something that we can make to give someone else that is pretty or fun or new and maybe lift some spirits or make someone smile thinking that someone out there cares about them.  It makes us feel like we are doing something to help.

Now, that leaves the comfort caps.  You can find a free pattern for those here.  Perhaps you have a friend or family member going through cancer treatment and would like to help them.  My mother recently completed chemotherapy for ovarian cancer and lost her hair.  I made some caps from fleece and she uses them to help keep her head warm when she goes to bed.  They are soft and warm and stretchy.  She was tickled to get them.  Well, really she was touched as she called (in tears) to thank me.  Sometimes it really is the little things that we do that can make a big difference to someone else.  Even quillows and comfort caps.

If you are a sewer, check your local quilt guild or quilt shop they may accept any that you make and route them to the appropriate place or check with your local hospital to see if they have any requirements for you to be able to donate.  If you are not a sewer, but still think this is a worthy cause you can always donate fabric or money to the same places.


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