The Most Fun Seminar Ever!

This summer some of the Monkeys took advantage of the opportunity to attend Ricky Tim’s Super Quilt Seminar.  If you should ever have the opportunity to go, please do.  It was 2.5 days of sheer quilting fun.  Ricky Tims is amazing, Libby Lehman is hilarious and Alex Anderson, is well, she’s Alex Anderson.  I loved Libby so much that I wanted to buy her a membership to our guild and make sure she could go to our retreats.  She would be a member of the monkey tribe for sure.  She really is that funny.  Inez and I were volunteers for the seminar as our guild was hosting.  That meant that we got to touch all the gorgeous quilts by Ricky, Libby and Alex while we hung the displays and talk about them to the various other attendees who wanted to get closer or see the back of the quilts.  We also wore pink cowboy hats to make ourselves easier to find.  Well, not only the two of us, all the volunteers did.  It really was a great time!  Blanche came in to town and brought a new quilter friend for us to meet and have fun with, Sandra Dee and Hazel joined us at the seminar and we all sat together with our jaws on the floor as Ricky explained how his creative genius translates into fabric and we all became members of his Woo Hoo Nation.  Totally nontraditional.  Absolutely amazing.  Have I sold you on it yet?

We were all so brain tired after watching quilting miracles (with instructions) appear before us that we couldn’t carry on coherent conversations.  “Did you see?” “Yes, the one with the?”  “Yeah, and that other?” “Oh, I couldn’t believe that.”  Only I think we were all talking at once.  They completely explain everything and make it so easy.  Really, they do,  and it is so easy that you are left wanting to go home to do exactly what they showed you, but maybe in a week or two when your brain has had a chance to process more of the information.  Plus Ricky wants you to go home with the confidence that you can so that you can be super quilters too.  It was so inspiring that I really fear that I’m not doing justice to the experience.

However, one of us (Blanche, the overachiever in the group) went home and started working.  Here are some of her results (Blanche, thanks for sending me the pics!!):

Pretty cool, huh?  These are from Ricky Tims Convergence patterns.  Blanche does some amazing work.

I’ll also share some pics from our seminar.

 Ricky, Alex and Libby on stage, I think during a door prize drawing.  Did I mention the door prizes?  There were some every day!

 This is me and Libby.  Seriously, she is my new favorite professional quilter.  Love her!

 This is one of Ricky Tims’ Rhapsody quilts.  If you haven’t or can’t go to the seminar, you should definitely buy the book!  It offers a truly different perspective on quilt design.  You won’t believe how addictive designing quilts can be.  Of course if you are an owner of the Electric Quilt program, you may find that you are already addicted to quilt designing.  If so, don’t buy the book as it will only fuel the flame of your designing and you may not want to leave the house, ever.

I could go on and on about how wonderful the experience was.  You get a great book to take home and everything taught there is something that you can absolutely do at home.  It truly was an amazing experience and one I am grateful that I was able to attend with some of my best friends.  One of the best parts was getting to meet Blanche’s friend C, as making new friends over the great hobby of quilting is always something I look forward to.  There’s just so much we can learn from each other.  Anyway, if your not sold on the seminar or want to talk about the seminar more, just leave a comment.  Until next time, happy quilting!


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