But save a rose for Mother

We had some exciting happy news just prior to our last retreat that we couldn’t let go unpunished, I mean celebrated.  Hattie graduated with her Associates degree in accounting.  We were all so happy for her as we had helped her with or been the subject of a homework assignment or two.  She really deserved it and it deserved to be celebrated in true monkey style.  With the help of Blanche (who is in charge of meal assignments) we managed to snag the first dinner and to work together as a group which we don’t normally always do.    We very carefully planned a special dinner with lasagnagarlic bread, salad and for dessert a graduation cake.  Again with Blanche’s help we made our meal choices based on her favorites.

  As I said, we were very proud of her.  However, the punishment didn’t stop there.  We managed to get our hands on a cap and gown, Pomp and Circumstance and as at every graduation party, we had gifts.  And in case you were wondering, we did take The Picture that seems to be taken at every graduation party since the beginning of time, the graduate with her cake.

Remember when I said that the Monkeys could get a little racy?  The gifts weren’t all like that, but it made her wonder if they were.  Now, I should also mention that the location of our beloved retreat is at a church campground so there is no alcohol allowed.  Often we have wished for a pitcher of margaritas but unfortunately we would have to go sit outside the gate to enjoy them.  Plus, we are working with rotary cutters and other sharp objects so it really is to our benefit that we don’t have alcohol.  At this function instead of toasting her with champagne we turned to sparkling grape juice.  Everyone was waiting with bated breath in the dining area as we blindfolded Hattie to robe her and pass out our glasses of our mock champagne for our celebration toast to Hattie.  We also made pretty short work of the lasagna and garlic bread and put a pretty good dent in the cake.  However, the cake remains were left out for everyone to snack on during the rest of the weekend but Hattie stood on diligent duty as the sheet cake became smaller and smaller that she had to save a rose for Mother.  Perhaps you remember Mother from earlier with her door and butcher issues.  I suppose with the weekend she was having she deserved some sugary confection.  No matter how we tried to gain more of the frosting, the last rose was dutifully kept for Mother.  I hope she enjoyed the rose.


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