Making the resolution stick.

It certainly is that time of the year.  You know the time, the dreaded New Year’s Resolution time of the year.  We all make them, and break them and then vow to do better next year.  Of course, I’m a member of that club  and my resolution is to get my home cleaned and organized.  I’m going out on a limb by sharing a little more of my personal life, but maybe that will keep me honest.  I’ll need to check in with the rest of the monkeys to see what their resolutions are, but I’m sure they will be good.  For a few years I’ve been subscribing to Fly Lady.  If you aren’t familiar with her, you can learn about her here:  I would call it a system, but it’s not as though it is so structured that there’s no breathing room.  If you struggle with being organized or suffer from CHAOS (can’t have anyone over syndrome) you might find her to be a big help.  I have already started by working in my sewing room.  Well, kind of.  Mostly I stand in the middle of the room and ponder.  I like to ponder.  This time I was pondering what kind of layout would work well, how my work habits would fit with each layout but mostly I was pondering where in the heck I am going to put everything.  You can see what I mean here:

This is a before picture, well kind of a before picture.  I’ve already started moving my desk and the television.  You can see why I was having trouble trying to get anything done in here.

Here is a stage one:


We got some of my stuff out of there so I would have room to breathe and then worked on taking down the big entertainment center (which left me with trying to figure out where all THAT was going to go) and where I am currently left pondering what I want to do next…. I know I’ll get it figured out but first I’ll have to do some more internet research to see if I can find some more inspiration.  I hate it when it is so overwhelming that my brain shuts down and that’s where I am right now.  A shut down brain and whole lot of crafty stuff that needs to find a spot to call home.  I should probably put in a disclaimer at this point.  We live in an old Victorian style home.  That means that there is always work to do and that we are still undoing what the previous owners have done which for right now entails constructing walls where they have been torn down.  Lots of fun.

Now I need to talk about one of my Christmas presents.  In previous years I have requested some good scissors.  Not the ones that you get in a cutesy set with the coordinating handles or is on the super value buy.  My dear husband has done  very well by getting me some Gingher scissors.  The nice ones that are all metal and come in storage tins.  I have been happy with them.  Very happy.  This year he decided to surprise me with a Gingher retractable blade seam ripper.  Have you seen these?  If not, look here:  Pretty cool, huh?  However, and this may seem like a bit of a silly thing to say, I don’t know how to use this type of ripper.  After all, most of them are a two prong picking type.  This one is more like a slender razor blade. I’m sure there is some technique that I’m not aware of.  I am also sure that I will ruin some fabric while I am learning how to use said seam ripper.  We’ll just have to see how that goes….I’m just hoping that I don’t cut myself.  If you have used these before, please feel free to offer any tips or helpful hints on using a razor blade as a seam ripper.  In return, I will offer a full review after the first time I use it.  Providing I don’t slice off a finger.

I’ll leave you with one more little tidbit about this monkey tribe.  We have developed a habit of giving monkey gifts to each other at retreat.  They can be silly things or serious things or something totally not related to our monkey-ness.  Here is a picture of most of my collection:

 although you can’t really see the little stuff in the cups or behind the bigger things….  Oh and one more thing – I updated the missing quilt pictures in the previous post.  Enjoy!


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