A little Monkey business

I thought I would share some of our Monkey shenanigans that have taken a bit of a different form.  Since we’re all apart during the times between retreat, we communicate mainly by email and sometimes those emails get a little silly (go figure) and during a particular series of email exchanges we tried our hand at poetry.  First we attempted some limericks, but moved on to haiku for more of a challenge (I had suggested the Shakespearean Sonnet but no one wanted to write in iambic pentameter).  Here are the ones created by Blanche and myself.

First, the ones from Blanche:

Beautiful fabrics
Sewing machines and cutters
Creativity flows.

Silent scenery
Outside the windows lurks
Peace for the tired mind.

Laughing and having fun
Friends with the same obsessions
What can be better?

Good food in excess
Concocted by someone else
Prepped for us to eat.

Late hours and short sleep
Cram as much as possible
Into short time.

And the ones from me:

Monkey tribe waiting
Cars filled to overage with
Laughter and fabric

Colorful blocks pose
On green grass mats clear rulers
Measuring the time

Packing to go brings
Sad smiles wish for safe travel
Making memories.

Happy New Year!   May this new beginning bring everything that you are hoping for.


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