Gotta get into the hang of this….

When I took this on I didn’t realize that a blog could be so much work.  I mean first I have to remember to log in here and then I have to come up with good stuff to write about.  Today I want to share my latest favorite quilting book with you.  It’s called Cozy Modern Quilts: 23 Easy Pieced Projects to Bust Your Stash by Kim Schaefer.  So far I have made a table runner and place mats, a quilt and I’m 2/3 of the way through another quilt from the book.  The only critique I would offer would be some pressing directions to make things snug together better.  I’m really getting into the modern quilts.  I also have Quilts Made Modern 10 Projects, Keys for Success with Color & Design, From the Fun Quilts Studio  and that has been fun to go through as well, but I haven’t made any of those quilts yet.  I think it will be more a book for inspiration, at least for me.  If you are looking for some fun quilts to do that will get you out of your box, I would start there.

I should mention here that the picture on this blog is not the entire group of Monkeys.  I don’t know that I have a picture of all of us together.  I think that the one below is the best I can do.  Inez wasn’t with us at this particular retreat, but she is represented by a blow up doll.  You’ll have to stay tuned for that story and believe me, I have lots of pictures from that!  The only ones missing here are Vera and Hazel, but they weren’t Monkeys yet and you can find both in the blog banner picture.  I’ll let you guess who is who for a while.


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